About us


Over the past few years Colourwheel UK Ltd has established itself as one of the leading players within the construction and services industries.

As our experience has developed, the number of clients for whom we carry out ongoing work has grown rapidly. We are committed to building partnerships with each of our customers which are based on mutual trust and respect.

We want our customers to feel confident in the knowledge their project is always our first priority, regardless if it is our first collaboration together or our one hundred and first.

The quality services we supply range from routine everyday maintenance to highly specialised work, (please view our menu for details of our services). No matter how sensitive the environment, our remedy regardless of the complexity of the procedure is to gear our operations to ensure that project completion is speedy and pain free.

Additionally we carry out work for a number of councils and national organisations, where we are the nominated contractor for various housing initiatives. We also specialise in other Public buildings ranging from schools, care homes, hospitals and all other types of properties that fall within this category.

Please call our offices for more details or alternatively click on contact us, complete the form and a member of our team will respond.

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